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About Us

Welcome to Bahar Group: Your Trusted Family-Owned Business Across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and UAE

For over 75 years, Bahar Group has been a steadfast cornerstone of quality and excellence in the retail industry across Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the UAE. As a cherished family-owned business, we have not only witnessed the evolution of these markets but have also played a pivotal role in shaping them. Our commitment to delivering superior food products that resonate with the unique tastes and preferences of the local consumers has earned us an unwavering reputation.

Our Legacy and Presence

Since our inception 75 years ago, Bahar Group has nurtured a legacy of trust and reliability. Our journey began with a vision to provide the finest food products to our communities, and today, we stand as a testament to the power of that vision. Anchored by three distinct yet harmoniously integrated companies - Inam Bahar Marketing and Distribution Co. Ltd, Sadiq Bahar Marketing and Distribution Co. Ltd, and Azan Trading Co. - we continue to spearhead innovation and excellence in Afghanistan.

Global Partnerships, Local Fulfillment

Bahar Group proudly represents a diverse portfolio of esteemed international brands, positioning us as the official distributor of choice across our markets. Our collaboration with Nestle Pakistan Ltd., Nestle Pierre (France), Lotte (South Korea), Lotte Kolson (Pakistan), Langnese (Germany), Arcor (Argentina), MTN (South Africa), Etisalat (Afghanistan), and Werther's Storck underscores our commitment to delivering nothing short of excellence.

A Commitment Beyond Business

More than a business group, Bahar Group is a pledge to uplift communities and contribute to their growth. We recognize our role in fostering economic development, providing employment opportunities, and nurturing a culture of quality consciousness. By seamlessly blending tradition with innovation, we continue to set industry benchmarks and inspire others in the retail landscape.

Experience Bahar Group: Experience Excellence

In every product we distribute, in every partnership we forge, and in every market we serve, Bahar Group embodies excellence. Our journey of 75 years is a testament to our values, our dedication, and our unyielding commitment to our customers. Join us in shaping vibrant futures, celebrating rich traditions, and savoring unparalleled quality.

Discover Bahar Group today - where the essence of family, the commitment to quality, and the spirit of innovation converge. Your journey towards exceptional experiences starts here.

About Sadiq Bahar General Trading LLC

With headquarter in Kabul, Afghanistan and operations in UAE (Dubai), Sadiq Bahar General Trading LLC is the official marketer and distributor of international food products in the country. With a firm family business background and strong retail foothold, Sadiq Bahar is created a strong reputation in the market as a full-fledged local partner for international FMCG brands.

Sadiq Bahar operates under the license of Sadiq Bahar General Trading LLC in Dubai, UAE. The founders at Sadiq Bahar are equipped with extensive knowledge and operating experience in the import and distribution of retail products in the local market, as well as import-re export operations. With a local business license in UAE, the company has been consistent in building a strong relationship with its buyers while establishing partnership with international retailers as their official distributors.  The current business tie-ups under import-re export include Sweets of Oman (Eclairs Chiko Chocolates) and Lotte South Korea.